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Frequent questions

What is virtual reality ?

It refers to an environment generated by computer technology, which creates in the user the sensation of being immersed in it. Said environment is contemplated by the user through a device known as virtual reality glasses or helmet. A technology that proposes a sensory immersion, partial or total,

What are VR glasses?

They consist of a screen that covers the entire visual spectrum, generating two different images for each eye, which reports a Digital 3D or a 3D effect, that is, the viewer observes three-dimensional elements.

Is it normal for glasses to make me dizzy?

Especially if you just recently started diving, the answer is yes. Just like if you extend your arms like you did when you were a child playing in the dark room. Think that your mind is immersed in one reality and your body is dissociated living another. Our advice is to start moving the furniture.

How should I contact you to hire them?

A) Check availability of dates by whatsapp, by mail, or by our predisposed networks on our website.


B) If the required date is free, make the reservation with 25% of the minimum plan

C) Then a meeting will be arranged to finalize details if requested, in addition to reviewing if they wish to add something more to our services

D) A contract will be signed and a sign will be left to freeze prices

What do they mean by stereoscopic vision?

When we talk about a stereoscopic image we refer to the fact that you are going to participate in an environment created entirely by us where you are going to be located in the center of the scene. It is not a flat image but one where there is depth and volume that makes our brain interpret it as "more real".

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