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Events are a fantastic value, if you want your event (party, wedding, anniversary, etc.) to be an innovative and memorable event, record it in 360º to be able to see everything that happens around you and relive that moment in real size in virtual reality , since it is the latest   technology of higher quality seeing everything with VR glasses, do not miss this opportunity and do it thinking about the future already present.

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For this month when contracting our services,
we give you our
VR goggle  

We want to make your event a unique and innovative memory!

  • Weddings / engagements and pre-wedding

  • corporate

  • events and parties

  • anniversaries

  • video clip

  • documentaries

  • Baptisms

  • individual

  • Maternity and newborns

  • Institutional

  • We cover all the celebrations so you can relive them in Virtual Reality whenever you want


PI edited your quote for the different options that we present below:

A) Some activities of the event are covered, the most important 1/2 hour

B) all activities are covered, remaining throughout the event + 360º greeting back from the guests at the time of the party + 2 VR glasses equipped with immersive material

C) Same as option *A*… +  back of the greetings of the guests + cover other moments before the party. Ex: preparation of the birthday girl, and photographic back in the room, etc.+ 2 VR glasses equipped with immersive material --> VR photo video clip for guests to watch + photo booth with fun party favors


  1. A photo booth and to make messages in virtual reality to the quinceañera "the booth comes equipped with fun party favors"

  2. 2 virtual reality glasses equipped with immersive material / video clip of photos in VR (example of the video that we showed previously above) for the glasses of the stand for the guests to watch.


We create content in general for social networks, events, advertisements, android apps... everything that is available in virtual reality.

We created a photo and video booth in virtual reality format for any type of event... the guests will be able to download the photos... send it by whatsapp and they would also take it printed... and as for the video messages, All greetings are delivered to the client in any storage platform or uploaded to the network according to what the client requires. Below we have together or separately... a stand with 2 virtual reality glasses: with all the previous content of the honorees.

All the content can be uploaded to GIUSAN's social networks if the client so authorizes it... in case of not authorizing it, you will be advised on how to view the content outside the networks.


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